Hope Livz


In a quiet world half dark n half light

She was born then tosses out in the cold of night.

Because of a person inept or indifferent

Causing chaos & panic with much apprehension.


At the mercy of someone with some sort of soul?

Was it just fate or a strange sort of goal?

Her siblings for sale & the monies brought in

Hope’s quiet dark world would only begin.


Sadly the human she thought kind & familiar

has detached her from siblings & all she remembered.

With a sniff all aromas are new to her nose

instead of being drowned she was tied to a pole.


A new person came and loved on her sweetly

at this time in this place she could love back completely.


So loved & well nourished she’s beginning to thrive.

She embarks on her journey – of staying alive.


She could not hear not a word not a cheer

Her vigilance is her self preservation.

More cats & more dogs with space running out she holds anguish and intimidation.


Her senses have warned she’d be singled out, after all a commodity she was, no doubt.

Broken of sorts unable to hear

& her eyes incomplete, it just isn’t fair.


Only three days left to live & to breathe

& times running out, will she get her reprieve?


From St. Martinsville Parrish to Richmond in Texas, her furever home would always cherished.


The insight she has about her furever home told her she’d blossom, give love and she’d not be alone.


She’s learned fast and grew up she’s a wonderful pup that will live in the hearts of many.

Countless people to smell, she’ll teach them well, as parents teach their children a-plenty.


Please teach your kids to love, special pups.

And to never ever never, dare to give up.


If you do, you’ll receive if you can imagine,

much more than you’re able to give or to fathom.


With all of her of love & devotion to me,

the fun that we have & her special qualities.


With her story to tell & the pup that she is, with the trust in her heart & the amusement she gives, I decided to name her Hope Livz!


© Judy Doughty 8/10/2010

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Hi! I'm Hope Livz I am healthy, safe & FUN I can't hear though I do have a little vision in my left eye! My Mom teaches me sign language I can sit, lay down, off, get my brother, get my toy and play by sign language. I am always watching my Mom's body language to read what she will do or where she will go next, I'm always next to her some would call that Velcro! Please read my story next to my picture thast my Mom wrote abbout me.

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